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   Groove Launch Special - Once In A Lifetime Opportunity 


  • BONUS # 1 - Chance of winning a Ticket to a 4 Day ABUNDANCE LIVE EVENT


    2 hour Workshop (repeatable)

  • BONUS # 3 - 1 on 1 IMPLETATION COACHING- 3X's per week for 4 Weeks

  • BONUS # 4 - AFFILIATE TRAINING and Accountability


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    Buy Groove - Get $5K+ IN Bonuses
    Step 2: Get instant access to most Bonuses!

    GROOVE is the First ever Software that keeps all the apps in-House

    Groove is a CRM (Customer Relations Manager). Unlike most other apps, you do not have to integrate with 3 or 4 different apps to get your site up and running. 

    Groove is creating a Suite of Apps. Some of them currently live and in production, some in development now, and the rest to start development shortly. Groove has designed a system where all the apps are integrated and will be talking to each other with ease and no additional cost after the 1 X purchase price. 

    Many GROOVE Apps were up and running as the End of Year 2020. There are apps scheduled to be released in Jan others in Feb, March and April. We've listed similar apps here that can be replaced by GROOVE.

     Note, all of the competition will need to be combined with additional apps, which will involve outside companies with additional monthly costs. Groove is all in-house and no extra costs as all 18 apps are included in your original purchase. 

    Clear Cookies in browser before purchase - to get BONUSES
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    Groove is in Beta Mode while the following apps are being released.

    What does Beta Mode mean to me?

    Groove is still in Beta and developing some of the apps.

    This means there never will be a better time to get Groove for this PRICE and have the Membership with Unlimited sites for a LIFETIME! 

    All of the Apps scheduled for Development would be 'Grandfathered in' meaning they would be FREE for a LIFETIME under this membership for this Limited Time Offer.

    Groove is an incredible Investment!

    When will Groove release new apps:?

    Groove has tentatively set dates for GrooveBlog, Which ended up being released early, GrooveMobile and Webinar by the end of Feb. 2021. Progression dates for Survey and Pipeline are in Feb/March. 2021. FunnelMapping and GrooveDesk have tentative dates in March 2021. Calendar and Web- Live are set for April 2021. Groove Streaming is tentatively set for the end of May 2021. (updating list monthly).

    For a Limited time these memberships are for a Lifetime Membership. As stated, all of these Groove apps will be grandfathered into today's Purchase

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    "One of Two CHANCES" TO ATTEND this LIVE EVENT in 2021

    (once live is allowed and scheduled)

    With Nick and Megan Unsworth from Life on Fire Academy 


    Winners will be drawn by Raffle 

    Abundance is a 4 Day LIVE EVENT

    “Jump-Start Success, Abundance & Happiness”

     Create a truly “abundant” mindset for all areas

     Break through the “strongholds” getting in the way of dreams

     Obliterate blocks that keep income stagnant

     Clarify and stretch your life & career vision

     Create a personal profit plan

     Mastermind & build lifelong connections with like-minded people

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    ***If you don't win the raffle and want to sign up - email [email protected] for info

    BONUS # 2 



    Implementation Workshop Done with you

    Spend 2 hours in a workshop to complete your first Landing or Web Page. Ask specific questions and learn many of the basics needed to succeed.

                          Attend more than once.       

    BONUS # 3 

    1 on 1 Implementation Coaching

    One on One Implementation Coaching for your first month - 3 Sessions per week to get settled into the many, many apps that come under the Groove Umbrella.

    A good coach to keep you accountable is sometimes all you need to get and stay on track.


    I will work with you until you Land your first Affiliate.

    Affiliate Marketing for Groove is extremely profitable.

    We get a 40% commission on one Paid Affiliate.

    That means 3 paid Affiliates would pay your whole subscription plus some.

    You would then have unlimited web pages and all the other bells and whistles for LIFE (as long as you purchase while Groove has this current offer.)

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